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The New Age of Senior Living Lifestyle at The Grove Orewa

Retirement today is not just a phase; it's an exciting new chapter, brimming with opportunities. Leading the way in redefining this chapter is The Grove Orewa with its beautifully designed lifestyle apartments, perfectly capturing the essence of modern senior living.

Morning Moments to Cherish


You can choose to start your day at one of the many local cafés, or if you want to stay on site and soak in the ambiance; you can enjoy coffee and a sumptuous, fresh breakfast without breaking the bank.

And what better way to follow such a delectable start than with a leisurely walk on the golden sands of the local beach? Just 200 meters away from your doorstep, the beach awaits, offering a peaceful haven to commune with nature.

Personalized Fitness, Tailored to You

Your well-being is our topmost priority. Our state-of-the-art HUR gym equipment ensures that residents have access to the best fitness solutions. And it doesn't stop at the equipment; our dedicated trainers are on hand to develop a custom exercise regimen for you, tailored to your specific needs, fostering a healthy lifestyle that is both engaging and rewarding.

The Heartbeat of Our Community

The cozy library at The Grove Orewa houses a selection of books, offering something delightful for every reader's taste, whether it's a cherished classic or a new favourite. For those who prefer screen to print, our TV area is perfect for catching up on favourite shows or watching movies.


The lounge is the heartbeat of our community. Whether you fancy a card game, showcasing your skills on the pool table, or expressing creativity through crafting sessions, The Grove Orewa provides the space and opportunity to pursue these activities at your leisure.

The lounge also regularly hosts Friday night drinks, special events, dinners, and BBQs, offering ample opportunities for socializing. Whether you prefer privacy or engaging with the community, the choice is entirely yours, and you can enjoy the vibrant lifestyle at your own pace.

Unwind and Relax

What better way to conclude a fulfilling day at The Grove Orewa than with a rejuvenating session in our private spa? Allow yourself to drift into a realm of relaxation as any stresses simply melt away. And if a spa session doesn't appeal to you, you can always find contentment in our numerous communal areas or connect with fellow residents at any of our social events. Here, comfort and camaraderie are always within reach.

Summing Up: The Lifestyle You Deserve

The Grove Orewa is more than just a place to live; it's a lifestyle choice that promises luxury, and a sense of community. With lifestyle apartments designed to provide every comfort and amenity, the vision of contemporary senior living has never been clearer; find out more information on our Amenities page.

Discover life at The Grove Orewa, where comfort, community, and a fulfilling lifestyle are part of the daily experience. Request a free info pack today!