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The Owners

The Grove Orewa is owned by Palm Grove Partnership Ltd, a company formed between two experienced operators
within the retirement village industry, Sandy Foster and Senior Trust Capital Limited.

Sandy Foster

Sandy Foster is a dedicated owner, developer and operator of retirement villages in New Zealand. Sandy, a director of Aegis Retirement Living and Aegis Projects, and operator of The Grove Orewa, has been involved with multiple villages over his 30 years in the industry: Waitakere Gardens in West Auckland, Dannemora Gardens in the East Auckland; Forest Lake Gardens in Hamilton; Oakridge Village in the Bay of Islands; Papamoa Beach Village in the Bay of Plenty; and the recently completed Whitby Lakes Retirement Village north of Wellington. Aegis Projects also manages the redevelopment of Everil Orr Village in Mt Albert for Airedale Property Trust. That’s well over 1,000 individual homes, with The Grove Orewa adding another 78 homes to the total.

Senior Trust Capital Limited

Formed in 2010, Senior Trust has been lending and investing exclusively within the retirement village sector for more than 10 years with specific experience in the sector since 1999. It has successfully managed a number of public offers, all focused on lending to the retirement village and aged care sectors. The Grove Orewa is one of its main investments in its portfolio with a key focus on high-end, boutique villages in highly desirable locations.

Our Design Philosophy

At The Grove Orewa we had a unique opportunity to re-create that relaxed coastal bach feeling which makes all Kiwis feel so positive and connected to the simple pleasures of life. Creating a boutique coastal community which reflects the natural environment, well-being, and the uplifting feeling of being by the sea, every day, was central to our thoughts. The early morning light, evening sunsets, warmth and easy connection to the outdoors was the driving vision for The Grove Orewa.

We believe that building design and configuration, and people’s experience of the spaces, can have a significant impact on their day-to-day lives and outlook. We wanted to make sure that our apartments, amenities and outside spaces supported a strong sense of calm, wellbeing, comfort and security. In all aspects we tried to consider the people first: they are the central focus of the building design. We chose to work with architects and other designers who understood our vision and who responded to our stringent requirements in delivering these very specific nurturing spaces.

The final result of these efforts is expressed in the beautifully formed apartment layouts, high ceilings, level access, all weather conservatories, wide hallways, open plan relaxed amenities, flow into the coastal inspired gardens, choice of colour pallet, furniture, art selection, and of course the people.

Our Operational Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; we want to provide and encourage an environment which supports and nurtures the lives of ours residents. We believe that all our residents expect and deserve a level of service which is professional, caring and supportive. We believe they deserve to live in a village of which they can be proud and in which they feel valued. We do not seek to direct the lives of residents: rather, we work to ensure as much independence, freedom and flexibility as possible within the village. Independence is about maintaining control and choice in your retirement, more often than not this is about the little things.

After 30 years creating bespoke residential communities, we have come to realise that smaller communities work better, connectedness to others is crucial and being caring and respectful of people turns a Place into a Community.

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Our Design Partner

Pacific Environments are one of New Zealand leading architects with significant experience in designing retirement communities. They have a passionate dedication to seeking out architectural design excellence and creating spaces with an attention to detail that comes from experience.

Sustainability, lifestyle, and the creation of enduring investment value is core to their design philosophy. We have worked with Pacific Environments for over 25 years in a number of retirement village developments and engaged them for The Grove Orewa because of their knowledge and capability to meet our expectations to deliver a retirement village of excellence.

Pacific Environments Architects Design Partners with The Grove Orewa