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Moving To The Grove,

We’ve partnered with Senior Move Managers, and now moving to The Grove Is Easy

Making the decision to move has one major downside –the thought of starting. The sorting, downsizing and issues that come with changing addresses. Just the hassle and upheaval is enough to inspire a wine and a sit-down. Everyone looks at the mountain of work ahead with trepidation and some fear. Getting the right help is critical as it is a mini project that needs coordination and most of all, a plan.

In this regard we are happy to help as we now have a full (and completely free) service to help our new residents make the move. Its not just about hiring some strong boys and a truck –we think of everything and help you step by step leading up to move in day, and especially on the day

We have recently partnered with Senior Move Managers, one of the most respected and proven movers for seniors in NZ. Together we can now make your move into The Grove as seamless and as stress free as ever.

Like most things done well it starts with a plan that we work out with you, mapping out each step and consideration; what will be moved to your new apartment; what can go to Hospice; what goes to the tip; what can go on Trade Me together with a checklist of all the other things you need to think about.

Senior Movers also ensure any unwanted items go to the Hospice or other charities where they can.

We will help you plan what furniture goes where in your new apartment and Senior Move Managers also supply all the wrapping paper, boxes, and bubble wrap and do all the packing for you prior to the move. On the day of your move, we provide a truck and 2 personnel to make sure all the heavy lifting and effort is sorted for you. There is also $150,000 of contents insurance provided with the service during the move –so that is one less job you need to think about.

At your new apartment in The Grove Senior Move Managers will set up your furniture, unpack for you and place items where you direct them. Then all the boxes and packing material is removed so your new apartment is all ready to live in. Meantime a team goes to your old house to do a professional clean for you and the new owner. No trudging back the next day with the vacuum cleaner.

The clean includes carpets, floors walls, oven clean, windows, cupboards and drawers. This new service is completely free for our new residents and has a value of up to $8000 depending on the size of your apartment at The Grove. We don’t think we can make it easier for you to make the move so please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or need some inspiration.